Patient Consultation

We offer free consulting services for indigent or uninsured patients with chronic liver diseases, cirrhosis or need liver transplantation. The consultation includes medical evaluation, explore avenues for providing medical treatment, and provide disease awareness. To make appointment please contact (909) 883-2999.

Patient Education

We provide education about liver diseases including awareness, latest treatment, natural history, and family consulting.

Patient Assistance

Uninsured patients (adults and pediatrics) who are in dire need for chronic liver diseases treatments and liver transplantation, which lives in the Inland Empire area, can contact us for assistance at (909) 883-2999.

Treatment Access

Patients with liver diseases or who need liver transplantation (adult and pediatric) and live in the Inland Empire area can contact us for advice on where and how to find the right avenue for their treatments and care.

Community Awareness

One of our goals is to improve liver diseases awareness in local communities and between local physicians. This includes conducting seminars; conferences, lectures and patients support groups.

Patient Support Groups

Living with liver diseases, especially cirrhosis is a major hardship for patients and their families. Cirrhosis has major impact on patient’s quality of life. Support groups is a forum that help patients to understand their diseases better and get social and emotional support from their peers. It offers patients the opportunity to meet other patients who are waiting for/or already had liver transplantation. By supporting this forum, IELF offers the opportunity for patients and their families to learn and share with each other how to live and overcome some of these hurdles and to develop a community network for social and emotional support. Patients who might be interested in registering for this group please contact ILEF at (909) 883-2999 or email: